About the Author

   For over 35 years I have been actively involved in helping churches and ministries get from point A to point B. I have seen just about every church model function at different levels with many different results.

   As a ministry analyst I have actively engaged myself in ministries within the churches, working with as many ministry volunteers and leaders as possible in order to properly examine the operational and spiritual structure down to its smallest component, measure it’s effects, recommend changes, and help implement those changes, working side by side with wonderful and faithful friends.

  Over time I stepped out of the Organizational Church system after measuring the long term results and came to the realization that we had painted ourselves into a corner.  The system I helped support turned out to be doing the opposite of what it was intended to do. We were asking the wrong questions and were going in a direction that I and millions of believers everywhere can no longer support. This also gave opportunity for the home church movement to blossom.

  Unfortunately, the fledgling home church movement unintentionally brought the same elements into the home that existed in the larger venue. This ended up creating even more isolation amongst believers than before.  The biggest need at this time is solving the fellowship challenge and bringing the family of believers together, without the confines and limitations of today’s church system.

   The Fellowship Project was created to give practical solutions that will not end up choking the very life out those it was meant to transform. The many assumptions of ministry that exist today will be challenged as well. The tested solutions I propose will open up new possibilities and stretch your imagination.


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