What is The Fellowship Project


A new way to develop exciting, creative, free flowing fellowship models where everyone participates, feels wanted, loved, and celebrated.


The Challenge

The modern system which creates the organizations we call churches has become burdensome, expensive, and has created burnout and isolation. The effort it takes to maintain this church system saps us of our energy, freedom, and time from just living. The larger it grows, the more inflexible it becomes, creating top heavy administration, large bureaucracies, family dynasties, and huge expenditures. After a while, one can feel like cattle herded in and out for the next group or event. Something inside our gut tells us something is off, but often feel we have little power or solutions to do anything about it. People are leaving the system in droves or continue to try to find another church organization to help fill the need for fellowship and significance. Unfortunately, almost everywhere they go, they experience the cookie cutter model over and over again with the same results. Like a big machine rolling out churches one after another. All with the same trappings.

Belonging is the number one reason people gather together. 

The Fellowship Project was birthed to create a whole new paradigm on the way believers can fellowship, belong, interact while developing long lasting friendships, grow in the faith organically, and use their natural and spiritual gifts to benefit each other and the people around them. Without all the trappings.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

-Buckminster Fuller


Some of the goals of the project are:

To break free of the church meeting model and develop creative, free flowing fellowship environments that produce organic, self-propagating fellowship communities.

To investigate and challenge our assumptions about Church history, procedures, leadership, scriptural discourse, and how we measure success.

To give people the freedom to make a difference according to their instincts, gifts, and passions.

To encourage and support Leaders in ministry who are tired of the limitations placed on them.

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