The Ostrich Syndrome

Ignoring the reality or blaming others for the Institutional churches demise is not beneficial. Here is a great post comparing the epidemic of people leaving the church and what happened to Kodak and other companies that did not deal with glaring facts before their eyes.

This is the part that really stands out to me.

“3. Fear of loss. A central reason Kodak chose not to pursue digital photography in 1992 was the fear of cannibalizing their lucrative sales of film. Kodak had become a hostage of its own success, clinging to what worked in the past at the expense of embracing the future. The same tendency befalls churches. A pastor in our upcoming documentary, When God Left the Building, said his church will not make any changes to become more effective because someone will inevitably object and get upset. “We abdicate every time,” he said. “We just can’t lose any more members.” That congregation is already dead. They just don’t know it.”

The Fellowship Project is here to help. The ideas are radical and out of the box. So was the iPhone and digital photography.

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