Ingredients for a Successful Biblical Community – Part 2

If you have not read the previous post, I highly recommend doing so first to better understand the content of this next section.

This post breaks down several options we can choose of which 24 hour period of time is the most practical to accomplish the time challenge needed for biblical community bonding.

Since this is always a controversial subject, I would like to approach it from a practical standpoint in relation to the subject matter of creating time needed for long term biblical communities.

Which 24 hour period do we choose?

The first thing we need to establish is when the 24 hour period starts, and which day has the most practical application. This may be common knowledge for some and new information for others.

The Gregorian calendar and western cultures have adopted midnight to midnight as one day. In the Hebrew culture, sundown to sundown is considered a day, based on the creation story in the book of Genesis. (Gen 1:5). Since the book of Genesis is the foundational book of the scriptures, the understanding and practice for thousands of years in the Hebrew culture has been sunset to sunset.

1. Lets start with Saturday to Sunday sunset and look at it from a practical level. What do we normally do Saturday night to Sunday night?  I will add some of the most common activities most of us do. You can fill in the blanks based on your own scenario.

On Saturday, we do house chores, visit the hardware store to get supplies for that home improvement project, mow the lawn, coach sports, or pick up groceries on the way home. Saturday night, we try to squeeze in some time for leisurely events, knowing we will have to get up early on Sunday for church the next day.

I can only speak for myself, but I did not always like the thought of waking up early to go to church after a late night of Saturday night activity. Sometimes I just wanted to sleep in like my neighbors and not feel guilty about it.

Sunday activities usually include:

Waking up early to go to a morning church service for about two hours, going home at noon, watching sports, taking a nap, maybe mowing the lawn, doing some chores, getting the kids showered, and going to bed early for work the next day. For me personally, I was usually fatigued by Sunday night.

2. Now let’s look at Friday to Saturday night. Here is what we normally do. Again, you can fill in the blanks based on your scenario.

Friday night after work, we crash on the couch, go out to dinner or a movie, have date night activities, and fight traffic because everyone else has the same idea. Saturday we try to sleep in, go grocery shopping, do chores, or run our kids to sporting events, along with everyone else. More traffic. Saturday night, we crash or try to squeeze another activity again before getting ready for church on Sunday.

Where in all that activity, is the large swath of time needed for bonding? We are all running all over the place have no time to really connect with our friends and family.

As believers, we are doing nothing different than anyone else in our neighborhood except on Sunday, when we are going to a church while our neighbors sleep in, get the barbecue ready for the big game, go to the beach, park, or do any number of leisurely activities.
When we are part of an audience, listening to a band and sermon, it doesn’t take long for many of us to wish we were at home, the beach, or napping. There is a relief when it is over.

Again, no large periods of time seem to be available to spend with family, the Creator, or other believers . When we look at what we do, we are scattered about, trying to survive and make a better life for ourselves. Lets make an assumption that if we follow the blueprint God created for us since the beginning of time, we would do things much differently than what we do today. It looks like our theology may have gotten in the way of the simple plan he laid out. This 24 hour period of time is a fire which burns away the worries of life if we do it in a way that fits how God put it together (or ‘meant it to be’). If we keep doing things the same way, we will keep getting the same results.

Now let’s look at our weekend in a completely different way in Part 3.



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