The Need For Friends


“Friends are the family we choose”


Every human wants to be heard, loved, celebrated, to fit in. So we look for it. Not sometimes, but all the time. A friendless life is an unfulfilled life. People will do almost anything to belong. It’s a powerful force that drives us. To be significant, to know we matter.

We look for someone who reinforces that need in us. Those people we can call our friends. A friend is someone who embraces our loneliness as their own. This is why people go to bars, sporting event, concerts, high school dances, meetup groups, movies, parks, barbecues, their job, and church. We are addicted to social media, phones, and messaging tools. They are connecting tools that go where ever we go. We do it because of this deep need for friendship. This is a foundational component of The Fellowship Project.

What creates deep friendships. When we understand this, then we can be successful at creating a strong, long lasting community that seeks to connect with our Creator.



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