Church Here is Why People are Really Leaving You.

These articles are well written and hit the nail on the head. The floodgates have opened and there is no conventional way to stop it. This is a simple reminder to me why The Fellowship Project was launched. There are three articles total. One of my favorite sections is in part 2 “It’s not … [Read more…]

The Ostrich Syndrome

Ignoring the reality or blaming others for the Institutional churches demise is not beneficial. Here is a great post comparing the epidemic of people leaving the church and what happened to Kodak and other companies that did not deal with glaring facts before their eyes. This is the part that really stands out to me. … [Read more…]

Ingredients for a Successful Biblical Community – Part 5 – Size Matters

  Here is the normal pattern of institutional church growth. You are part of a new church or fellowship that is friendly and intimate. It’s like being part of family. More people hear about the friendly environment, decide to visit, and soon the building cannot accommodate any more growth.   The congregation begin talking about … [Read more…]

Ingredients for a Successful Biblical Community – Part 4 – No More Titles, No More Kings

In previous posts we talked about creating large periods of time for bonds to form and The Day of Eternity as some of the necessary ingredients for a true Biblical community. Another important ingredient is, The Interactive model using natural gifts and talents. Dare to think different. In a side by side interactive fellowship model … [Read more…]

The Need For Friends

* “Friends are the family we choose” * Every human wants to be heard, loved, celebrated, to fit in. So we look for it. Not sometimes, but all the time. A friendless life is an unfulfilled life. People will do almost anything to belong. It’s a powerful force that drives us. To be significant, to know we … [Read more…]

Tough Questions for Leaders

One thing I know for certain. Most of us started in ministry because of your love for Jesus and wanting to make a difference in peoples lives. Unfortunately the constant damage that happens to good people like yourself and the people you serve when a church door closes cannot be ignored. We must change the … [Read more…]

What is the Fellowship Project ?

* A new way to develop exciting, creative, free flowing fellowship models where everyone participates, feels wanted, loved and celebrated. * The challenge The modern system which creates the organizations we call churches has become burdensome, expensive, creating burnout and isolation. The effort it takes to maintain this church system saps us of our energy, … [Read more…]