Tough Questions for Leaders

One thing I know for certain. Most of us started in ministry because of your love for Jesus and wanting to make a difference in peoples lives. Unfortunately the constant damage that happens to good people like yourself and the people you serve when a church door closes cannot be ignored. We must change the … [Read more…]

No More Church – The New Exodus

Since stepping out of the organized church system, much has happened.  I have communicated with many churches, ministries and believers around the country. Many churches have come and gone. Megachurch leadership falling like dominoes and people leaving the organized church system in droves. I have found many believers outside the system who have a deeper … [Read more…]

The Shackled Church

Spiritual Movements usually burst forth at the grass roots level and usually stop within the limitations of the corporate or institutional level. It soon becomes a cage we make for ourselves. Here are some of the obstacles that limit the average Church from succeeding at the grass roots level. Structural and staff maintenance costs and … [Read more…]

Transformation vs Assimilation

An important note: This conversation is not meant to invalidate the organizational Church. Just put it into perspective as it relates to spiritual transformation strategies of a community. Definitions “We have to know what we want and why we want it, before we can know if we are getting the results.” l. Church Assimilation: “The … [Read more…]